Position Statements

NCIM position Statements, fully endorsed by the RSFQ

The RSFQ continues its commitment to support the struggles of Aboriginal communities to define their own needs and to have access to excellent sexual and reproductive care. The RSFQ joins with the National Council of  Indigenous Midwives (NCIM) in endorsing the following policy statements:

  • Position Statement on Evacuation for Birth: NCIM strongly condemns the systematic and widespread evacuation of pregnant women for childbirth and demands the return of birthing services to all Aboriginal communities. It is unacceptable that people have to leave their communities and travel to large centers, usually in the south, to access maternity care services.
  • Position Statement on Indigenous Child Apprehensions: .NCIM recognizes that the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in child welfare systems is fueled by a Western society that cannot effectively respond to the ongoing challenges of Aboriginal families created by racism and colonization.
  • Position Statement on Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Indigenous Peoples : NCIM strongly condemns the forced, coerced and involuntary sterilization of Indigenous peoples. These reprehensible procedures are based on eugenic laws, policies and ideologies that are racist, sexist, ableist and classist. Forced, coerced and involuntary sterilization does not only affect individual Aboriginal peoples; it is an attack on Aboriginal families, communities and nations and is part of Canada’s long history of colonization and assimilation.