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Become a member of the RSFQ

Click here to obtain the RSFQ membership form. Midwifery students in the regular program as well as those part of the certificate program may also become members of the RSFQ by completing this form.

Benefits of the RSFQ membership

  • Services offered by the RSFQ include, among others, support in labour relations for the midwives for their working conditions, complementary insurance at a competitive price, member price for training (TOE and complex seat), restricted access to certain courses, etc.;
  • Right to vote at meetings;
  • Exclusive and reserved access to:
    • Information in the members space of our website, including all reference documents and practice conditions;
    • the private Facebook group “Membres du RSFQ”;
    • the member directory
  • Exclusive communications:
    • Newsletters: information on current events related to midwifery practice;
    • Newsletters relating to negotiations: progress in the negotiation of the renewal of the Agreement; information on mobilization actions; etc.;
    • Info-COVID: all information for midwives in connection with COVID-19;
    • Contract offers: the RSFQ verifies compliance and disseminates all contract offers for the entire province. These offers are also available in the “Careers” section of the website.

By becoming members of the RSFQ, midwives also become part of the Canadian and international community of midwives and participate in supporting the profession. Thus, they automatically become members of the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) and benefit, among other things, from the following advantages:

  • Reception of the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice published by the CAM (3 publications/year);
  • Right to vote at the CAM meeting;
  • Receive news from the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the CAM by email, including job postings, relevant newsletters and conference updates;
  • Access to a reduced rate during the annual congress and the exhibition.

Midwife trained outside of Canada

If you are a midwife who was trained outside of Canada, you must submit your file to the Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec (OSFQ).

For all the details, consult the “Graduates from outside Canada (and other countries)” section of the OSFQ website.


Training in obstetrical emergencies (TOE) organized by the RSFQ is recognized by the Ordre des Sages-Femmes du Québec (OSFQ). It is open to all midwives or future midwives, whether or not they are members of the RSFQ, with or without an OSFQ permit.

Find the entire RSFQ training offer in our Training section.


Our Careers section brings together all postings for midwives, midwifery service managers and project managers and is regularly updated.